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Kinetic Learning creates highly interactive simulations that mirror the challenges and demands the learner experiences every day on the job.

Kinetic Learning programs engage learners by emphasizing not just knowing, but also knowing how and knowing why. We call it “self-directed learning” because the learner is in control.

By learning effective skills and behaviors through trial and error and positive reinforcement, learners are given the opportunity to learn through experience, in a safe environment, without fear of failure or actual consequences.

Every Kinetic Learning Course is built on four cornerstones:

  • Align learning objectives with the project's strategic objectives
  • Engage the learner in self-directed learning that is based on the simple premise that people learn best by doing
  • Involve the learner in rich and practical but risk-controlled exercises that challenge him or her to acquire and demonstrate new or improved job and problem-solving skills.
  • Reinforce the knowledge and skills the learner acquires and demonstrates.

Learners are transformed from passive recipients of information to actively engaged seekers of knowledge. The result: reflective, independent thinkers and problem solvers who put best practices into daily practice.

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